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In todays busy QC environment, technology selection, evaluation and implementation can be confusing, time- consuming and costly. In recognition of this we provide an unrivalled innovative and confidential service to all companies, large or small.

Our laboratories provide in depth examination of your products suitability for testing with Promicol's products. Our reagents are then selected or developed to satisfy your company's unique and specific requirements to ensure optimum sensitivity and performance with your products. Our conclusions provide you tailor-made solutions together with recommendations for your on site evaluation.

At your facilities our staff provide expert technical support to maximise your confidence and experience. At Promicol we are happy to listen to your needs and discuss your requirements to help provide the best solution for your testing needs.

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  • Cost effective solutions
  • Shared experience and expertise
  • Reduced time to implementation
  • Confidential product evaluations
  • Customized kits for special applications
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