Rapid Detergent Detection Kit - ProdetATP

Hygiene testing based on ATP and AMP is using an enzymatic reaction causing light production in case ATP or AMP is present. This enzymatic reaction can be influenced in a negative way by certain substances like detergents and chemicals giving a false impression of hygienic cleanliness. Therefore, it needs to be ensured that a negative measurement result of ATP based hygiene testing was not caused by leftovers of these substances but is really indicating hygienic cleanliness. The solution to that is the Rapid Detergent Detection Kit – Prodet.

After performing an ATP based hygiene measurement which gave a negative result a measurement with the Rapid Detergent Detection Kit – Prodet will be performed to ensure that the negative result of the ATP measurement can be trusted. The swab based Prodet Kit can be used with a variety of hand held luminometers. The measurement will verify the hygiene measurement or underline that the hygiene measurement was providing a false negative result due to inhibiting leftovers. In case the latter happens counteractions are required. In this way hygienic cleanliness testing becomes more reliable and trustworthy.

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  • More efficient hygiene monitoring
  • Safe and convenient
  • Easy to use
  • High sensitivity
  • Early warning of process failure

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