Proscreen Cosmetic softwareATP

Proscreen is Promicol's proprietary software to control the Promilite M4.

Proscreen Cosmetic is designed  to address specific needs of the Cosmetics and Toiletries industry. The unique broth calibration procedure is used to minimise the effect of batch to batch variation in broths that are used to enrich the samples.

Proscreen has been designed with security in mind providing seperate administrator and user functions.  The easy to use software allows clear sample identification and audit trail. The state-of-the-art database provides fast and simple data retrieval and direct export to spreadsheets. Automatic back-up and archive features protect the database.

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  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced security
  • Integrated database
  • Flexible and fast data retrieval
  • Automated broth calibration

Tailor made for your product

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