LuciPac PenATP

The LuciPac Pen can be used together with the hand held Lumitester     PD-30. The sterile swab can be used to take a sample of any surface which should be screened for hygienic cleanliness. In case a microbial contamination is present the reagents of LuciPac Pen will release ATP and AMP from those contaminations. Both, ATP and AMP will be turned into light which will be measured in the Lumitester PD-30.

In this way you will get information regarding the cleanliness of the tested surfaces in accordance to your HACCP concepts. In case the hygiene measurement is positive this is an indication for contamination and counteractions can be taken immediately.

In order to improve your hygienic cleanliness measurements the Rapid Detergent Detection Kit – Prodet can be used in addition to the LuciPac Pen.

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  • Fast hygiene monitoring
  • Safe and convenient
  • Easy to use
  • High sensitivity
  • Early warning of process failure

Tailor made for your product

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