Microbial ATP Testing of UHT Yoghurt 20

In the last years the number of dairy products exported, especially to the Asian market, increased significantly. Among products like white and flavoured milks, dairies started producing UHT Yoghurts for export purposes. Usually Yoghurts cannot be tested with the Promicol system as they are supposed to be not sterile. The situation changes if those products are UHT treated in order to ensure longer shelf life and thus enable export of the products.
Promicol was challenged to find a solution for sterility testing of UHT Yoghurt using ATP bioluminescence method. Keeping in mind the pH as well as thickness of those products a specific Microbial ATP Detection test kit for UHT Yoghurt as well as protocol were developed.

Using this reliable method different kinds of UHT Yoghurt like plain and flavoured yoghurts can be analyzed using the Promicol microbial ATP detection method applying a pre-incubation period of 2 days. In this way products can be released to the market at an earlier stage saving a lot of storage and warehousing costs.

The test procedures are simple, do not require any sample preparation and are very easy to use. The Promicol system can process and automatically analyze the data from approximately 100
samples within 30 minutes, offering significant reductions in labor costs.

The used reagents ensure that even high levels of non-microbial ATP are removed. The used microbial extractant assures that all kinds of microorganisms including yeasts, moulds as well  as bacteria will be opened to release their ATP. This will be turned into light by the firefly enzyme which will be measured by the Promilite instrument and expressed in Relative Light Units (RLU). The software automatically performs the assay and classifies the measured values as pass, re-test or fail and therefore enables an easy interpretation for the user.

Promicol aims to develop a long term relationship with its customers, built on trust, innovation and expertise. It is our goal to provide a service that is in touch with the needs of your quality management and to your demands from rapidly changing markets, making ATP work for you, together with you.

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