Ready-to-eat soups15
Ready-to-eat soups have become a very popular product and according to new research, it is expected that this market will grow during the next 3 years (New Food, April 16th, 2019). In line with this growth, Promicol has been challenged several times to test a wide range of ready-to-eat soups using the Promicol system.
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Life is colorful - ATP Bioluminescence rapid testing of colored products30
The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in different types of products. Currently, several companies worldwide producing dairy products, infant food, fruit juices, beverages, soups, sauces, desserts, puddings as well as cosmetic and toiletries products are using our technology to ensure high quality standards of their products. The Promicol system provides fast and reliable results regarding sterility of the tested products which enables companies to release their finished products to the market at an earlier stage compared to traditional method which results in less costs for storage and warehousing.
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Tomato-based Products01
Promicol was challenged to find a suitable test kit to analyze tomato purée using the Promicol system. The test procedure is very simple, easy to use and does not require any change in sample preparation. Since tomato-based products have a low pH, Promicol’s reagents are specially designed to cope with such acidic matrices.
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Microbial ATP Testing of UHT Yoghurt20
In the last years the number of dairy products exported, especially to the Asian market, increased significantly. Among products like white and flavoured milks, dairies started producing UHT Yoghurts for export purposes. Usually Yoghurts cannot be tested with the Promicol system as they are supposed to be not sterile. The situation changes if those products are UHT treated in order to ensure longer shelf life and thus enable export of the products.
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Unique Microbial ATP Testing of Goat and Sheep Milk provided by Promicol15
Promicol was challenged to find a suitable test kit to analyze goat and sheep milk using the microbial ATP detection method. In comparison to cow milk goat and sheep milk contains a lot of free ATP which is captured in micelles. The current way of measurement used for cow milk products does not allow removal of this free ATP. Thus, high RLU values will be given for sterile product which makes discrimination of positive and negative samples impossible.
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