Promilite M1ATPThe Promilite M1 is a compact and automated instrument ideal for performing 10-50 tests per day.
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Promilite M4 (two injectors)ATPThe Promilite M4 is a compact and automated instrument ideal for performing any numbers of tests.
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Surface Hygiene Test KitATPThe Promicol Surface Hygiene Test Kit is specially designed for determining the hygienic status of surfaces or process equipment.
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Lumitester PD-30ATPThe Lumitester PD-30 can be used for hygiene monitoring of surfaces together with the LuciPac Pen.
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LuciPac PenATPThe LuciPac Pen can be used together with the hand held Lumitester PD-30. The sterile swab can be used to take a sample of any surface which should be screened for hygienic cleanliness.
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Food line cleanliness

The rapid microbial test method from Promicol enables fast and easy testing of food line cleanliness using ATP Bioluminescence. In this way microbial quality control of finished products
will be more efficient. This microbiology test screens for the presence of microbial ATP deriving from bacteria, yeasts or moulds. Products can be released into the market
earlier which saves money as well as warehousing capacity.

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